Ekstra AddLearning

AddLearning is an online platform that allows users of all ages to learn and develop in a playful, active and adaptive way on an infinite number of B2B and B2C themes and topics: cooking, music, history, languages, stress management, sport, training. All Augmented and Virtual Reality hardware systems as well as haptic and tracking devices are supported by the AddLearning framework.



Bulbee is a geolocalized school support (tutoring) mobile app that connects pupils and teachers according to their specific educational needs/experiences. Bulbee marks an innovative approach in the learning services as teachers are pre-selected by Bulbee but rated by pupils on their pedagogic skills, lessons are secured by ID controls & parents supervision on teachers, subjects are selected according to the official education program.



PocketCampus brings universities and schools to the mobile era by building campus apps that let students focus on the most important: their studies. PocketCampus apps put in one place all the information useful to them for a quick and easy access on a daily basis. Features range from seeing the cafeteria menus, finding one’s way on the campus map, accessing one’s course schedule, searching in the campus directory, accessing one’s course documents, and even printing files on the campus printers, directly from one’s smartphone.



MOBILETIC.COM is the result of a decade of experience in e-learning and a progressive vision of education combined with the latest technologies. The humans who make MOBILETIC.COM are pedagogues, developers, visionaries, tutors-trainers, social networking facilitators as well as web designers. We offer a new approach of hybrid trainings. Our vision for tomorrow is to enable everyone to capitalize on their learning path, however heterogeneous it may be, and to adapt training to the changes in our lifestyles. We specialize in the installation of technical-pedagogical devices for young people and adults in continuing training. Our goal is to deploy the best tools to transmit ET knowledge to enable autonomous learning, or accompanied by tutors. Ultimately, we want to open this dyad to the peers, to match the expectations of the web 3.0.



Reading messages, exchanging knowledge, learning and working in collaboration are highly connected activities. In oder to design modern and efficient communication and learning processes, NEOCOSMO provides companies with suitable platforms and creates innovative digital communication and learning experiences. Our product PIIPE is a platform for digital learning and/ or corporate communication magazines and video tubes where content can be customized depending on interests of employees or clients. To ensure the knowledge transfer, articles and videos are combined with interactive elements which creates an ideal communication and learning environment. Additionally NEOCOSMO’s product portfolio includes cloud solutions for online courses and social collaboration.



Headswap helps people to flourish by creating the most effective educational logistics platform in the world. We currently provide wellbeing and language classes that are five minutes away from the workplace, and can be booked flexibly around busy schedules.



The mission of InnovaKids is to foster a culture of cross-technology innovation, problem solving and clear communication skills within the younger generation. We achieve this by teaching young people computational science & thinking, building up app development and programming skills, encouraging and supporting innovation and comprehension of key business concepts. We take a two-track approach. Firstly, we build and run vacation and weekly workshops focused on programming/app development, mathematics and digital art. Secondly, we engage with the cantonal education departments to facilitate the formal adoption of computational thinking/science as part of the school curriculum.


We Are Play Lab

We Are Play Lab is a nonprofit organization passionate about designing inspiring, engaging and playful tools supporting teachers, parents and communities to create vibrant learning landscapes. The premise is simple: the best way to empower kids is to support the adults in their lives experience and embrace the mindsets and skills needed in the 21st century. Our global interdisciplinary team of design thinkers, scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and parents is currently prototyping cost-effective, innovative ways to infuse community spaces with the mindsets and the skills needed for the future.



At GalliLearn Sàrl, we believe that continuous learning is key to a better life. That’s why we create learning content that enables people to reach their full potential.

We provide tailored learning content that can be blended or fully online, accessible via computers and mobile devices. We design and develop this content by combining effective learning strategies with the latest technologies. We primarily work with large corporations, NGOs and universities.



Calerga combines scientific expertise in the domains of mathematical modeling, simulation and automatic control; a broad and deep know-how of computing technologies from embedded systems to the internet; and experience with innovative applications in the education field. The software it develops gives to students a direct and intuitive access to complicated topics thanks to interactive graphics. It stimulates not only the reproduction of what the teacher planned, but also the exploration of edge cases, or even conditions leading to failures, as a way to reinforce knowledge acquisition.



Goodwall is the first social network where 14-19 year olds build profiles to showcase and get recognized for their proudest achievements, from winning a ski competition to interning at NASA. Students are connected and guided to the right universities and companies; get support and connections from likeminded teens and find ways to improve themselves, win scholarships and awards. Goodwall collaborates with universities, companies and global organizations to help them non-intrusively engage and build relationships with this unique audience.



LSi’s “product” is its unique combination of talent, technology, and science and the capabilities they provide survive and thrive the Digital Transformation. Its global talent network picks from an array of lenses to unravel complex problems, because no single way of seeing can. These lenses include complexity, education, knowledge, talent and HR, performance, learning culture, quality development, and ICT. LSi’s Scholar Partnership with the University of Illinois College of Education and the Geneva Learning Foundation enables open, scalable learning initiatives in which learners are co-creators of knowledge, working together in networks of peers across geographies and diversity, to augment performance and strengthen our common humanity. LSi’s research and analysis generates the insights that are needed to build new, sustainable business models for new learning, talent and leadership as a way of shaping humanity and society for the better.



Klewel offers the latest end-to-end webcasting services. This allows your events and lectures to be shared publicly or privately, to give your organization the visibility and the guarantee to save the knowledge for the future. Klewel offers lasting visibility for events and lectures on the basis of a totally innovative IT solution, which automatically records and indexes all the content (audio, video and slides) presented at conferences and university lectures. Audio streams, video content and slide shows are stored in a synchronized manner. As an optimal blended learning solution, Klewel’s vision is to democratize lifelong learning via technology-mediated instructions. Klewel gives long term value to lectures, workshops, symposia, conferences, congresses of all sizes.



Learning through storytelling. We believe that combining education and entertainment will improve the way children learn. The Mysteries of Relaxville, our innovative, first of its kind, learning platform, transforms teaching into an adventure while staying true to the curriculum of each school. Content for each customer is customized.



Simpliquity develops tangible, learning environments: a mix of traditional tools (small-scale models, paper) and technology (augmented reality, simulations). The result combines the best of both worlds: the simplicity and concreteness of physical objects, augmented by the flexibility and richness of computer simulations. Our goal: empowering teachers to help students learn, together. 



Rosie is a science discovery app for ages 8 and up. It is a fun new way to learn science at school and at home. Rosie is a curious robot from a distant galaxy. She has crash landed on our planet. Children teach Rosie about the magic of science on earth. With Rosie, children follow robot stories, do experiments and share science discoveries. The technology is being developed in collaboration with ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne, Zurich University of the Arts and Technorama. Rosie’s goal is to spark a lifelong passion for science.



Increasing interaction in the classroom and meeting is challenging. Some people never dare to speak while others sometimes just can’t shut up. With SpeakUp, an audience shares a digital messages anonymously and can answer polls. As such SpeakUp increases interaction and provides more representative feedback. No Internet? No problem! SpeakUp can also run in a local network mode via the SpeakUpBox.



15% of the population suffer from the learning difficulties dyslexia and dyscalculia (difficulty with reading/writing and with maths). Despite average intelligence, they often under-perform at school, finish their careers with lower degrees, and are under a huge psychological strain. Dybuster’s novel, scientifically proven computer-based systems enable dyslexics and dyscalculics to overcome their difficulties efficiently, as multiple user studies proved. Dybuster is the market leader in Switzerland in its field and is currently looking to expand abroad, with distribution agreements signed for the US, Canada, Brazil and other countries already.



Knowledge sharing without borders. Have you ever been in the situation when you’re working in a group, where everything starts fine, but then mail starts to pile up, platforms multiply, and in the end, no one finds anything anymore? With this in mind, we designed Graasp. In Graasp, you create a space, add collaborators, share files and links in one place, and discuss with each other. Graasp is used not only in the educational context but also in humanitarian organizations such as Médecins Sans Frontières to help manage their knowledge on the field.


Better Study

At BetterStudy, we believe that learners can develop accounting skills online in a better way than in a traditionnal courses. BetterStudy’s mission is to develop accounting skills online in an efficient, quick and convenient manner. Distance support from trainers is available by email, by phone or video- conference (Skype, webinars). The platform is able to identify learning needs and provide personalised training programs. A web plateform has been developed with edited content with 70 videos and 2’600 quizzes.



LILLUP is an ecosystem addressing lifelong learning by enabling employees to upgrade their skills and improve their employability and human capital management by helping companies to gain in performance  and ensure a qualified workforce.



Coorpacademy is an EdTech start-up specialized in digital learning. Its mission is to empower businesses facing major transformations with an innovative, user-centric training experience for all leaders and team members, thus helping them anticipate and make the right decisions for their companies’ and career growth. Coorpacademy’s expertise relies on a cutting-edge technological platform and a unique instructional design which converts any content into an engaging online learning experience, fully adapted to learners’ needs and constraints. Its client portfolio includes more than 30 Fortune 500 companies.



UbiSim is the Virtual Reality training solution for nurses with real procedures and gestures. UbiSim is a scalable, realistic and affordable simulation software that allows all schools and health care institutions to access simulation or expand their training capacity at a fraction of the price of current solutions and with greater flexibility. Students and professionals can train in-situ or remotely, in teams or alone, with or without an instructor, at will and on their own terms.


Happy Numbers

HappyNumbers.com helps K-2 teachers differentiate instruction and deepen students’ conceptual understanding of math. Driven by pedagogy and supported by technology (not vice versa), we teach students to “think math”: students explore the meaning behind the math, building upon simple concepts to create connections and develop deep understanding. While students are learning with Happy Numbers, Happy Numbers is learning about them. It scaffolds instruction and gives feedback based on each individual student’s level and progress — it’s like having a teacher assistant for each student in the class!



Mobsya is a non-profit association whose goal is to promote science and technology respectfully towards the human being and his environment. Mobsya takes care of the Thymio educational robots production and manages some things that turn around these little robots.



IDEAO is an EdTech start-up working on a breakthrough learning platform that captures the non-linear aspects of how brain creates memory cues while learning. We bring together virtual reality, machine learning, and cognitive mindmap techniques for creating an immersive framework for accelerated learning. In addition to edtech, we license our software platform to healthcare companies that focus on improving the cognitive learning abilities of patients.


Labster creates award-winning virtual laboratory simulations that enable students to perform scientific experiments from any location. Students’ natural curiosity is engaged as they complete simulations that highlight the connection between science and the real world. Labster’s simulations have been proven to improve learning outcomes and develop students’ wet lab skills, thereby influencing graduation rates and real-world application of skills, post-studies. Labster’s simulations are being used by California State University, Harvard University, Gwinnett Technical College, MIT, Exeter University, University of New Haven, Stanford University, University of Glasgow, Trinity College, University of Hong Kong, ETH Zürich and University of California, Berkeley, among others.



Taskbase is a web app started in 2016 with a team consisting of software developers, data scientists, teachers and business related persons. We help teachers to prepare their lectures in an efficient way by providing a large content pool (more than 40’000 exercises ), adaptable to a teacher’s style, findable by smart search algorithms. Taskbase is a true community of teachers, where they contribute and benefit from each other. This, together with assessment functionality and world leading auto-correction algorithms, saves teachers a lot of time while providing a more engaging and individualized learning experience for students.



Educabay introduces a revolutionary academic e-learning model which enables registered students to easily access and read content on all types of computer and mobile devices, offering an extensive choice of academic books and course materials. In addition to being extremely user friendly, Educabay does not require the use of e-books and is the only EdTech solution that is based on a pay as you read pricing model.

LANTERN solutions

LANTERN Solutions Sarl is a start-up company determined to introduce a breakthrough in how technology should serve classroom education. We suggest a novel paradigm in technology-enhanced learning that remains invisible to the teachers when designing the learning activity and to the students when performing it.